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  • Milwaukee Burger Company


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    About Us

    We are a Burger Company and strive to serve the best burger on the planet! By buying superior beef and hand-pattying it fresh each and every day you’ll taste the difference. Our cheese is perfectly placed and melted; the buns are buttered and toasted to perfection. Truly, we live and die by how good our burgers taste.

    Is it possible to have a burger without a beer? Not sure, never tried. That’s who we are at MBC. We expect to serve the best beer in town and we believe we do. By ensuring the beer is cold, served in a frosty mug, of high quality, and pours through clean tap lines each and every day: mission complete. We are absolutely emphatic about beer here at MBC.

    MBC is a sports bar. Everything we do incorporates sporting events. Badger games, Brewer games, Bucks games, and Packers games, you name it, and we promise it’s already on. Hands down we are the place to watch the game.

    We take ourselves lightly and our guests and employees do too. We always have fun with promotions; we constantly ‘play’ on the menu. By always having fun it is easy to ensure our guests are having fun. If you aren’t having a good time while at MBC we are doing something wrong. Don’t take yourself too seriously and we won’t either. Come on in and be silly.

    We are on the edge when it comes to food and promotions. A little in your face is the way we like things. Tell you what, we aren’t scared to create a burger challenge or be provocative in our marketing. It’s what people like about us. We aren’t your every day burger place; we are a down and dirty, roll up your sleeves, dive into your burger and think about the shirt and napkin later. Enjoy that enormous beer and consider another. At MBC everyone can be a little outrageous.

  • 1000 W Campus Dr, Wausau, WI 54401 • thebranch@wausauchamber.com