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    Symmetry Natural Health is a holistic health clinic that finds bio-individuality solutions. Our technique leverages muscle-testing to read your energy field and gain health information about the energetic state of your cells. We work with acute and chronic health issues, emotional healing and offer nutrition and lifestyle advice. Within our clinic, there is also an infrared sauna, biomat and massage therapy.

    Our primary offering at Symmetry Natural Health. Clinical Nutrition appointments include our clinical testing using our advanced energy healing technique. Your practitioner will teach you about the importance of your Body Field and how we use it as an extension of the nervous system to understand our clients’ metabolic and nutritional status. The testing is done to help our clients heal at the root cause of their health challenges using products that come from nature. No drugs or side effects.



  • 1000 W Campus Dr, Wausau, WI 54401 • thebranch@wausauchamber.com